ante-natal hypnobirthing & herbal care products


calm confident birth

pregnancy and birth are defining times in our lives. if we learn to trust ourselves and follow our instincts through our birth journey, we can discover strengths that we will carry with us beyond birth.

nama mama ante-natal hypnobirthing classes are held in Dorking & surrounding areas of Surrey. i will guide you through techniques and relaxation tools which allow you to prepare with confidence for the birth of your baby.

a safe space for you to re-connect to yourself, explore your feelings and wishes for your own birth, i can help you to make a calm, easy birth a reality for you.

all nama mama birthing courses are run by emma, a qualified hypnobirth practitioner. whether you are looking for individual sessions or to join a group class, you will find a welcoming community here, providing support and friendship beyond birth.

please follow the hypnobirthing link for more information about upcoming nama mama classes and what hypnobirthing can mean to you.

for the latest course dates, please click here.

herbal care

i have been drawn to the natural powers of herbs and flowers as a form of self care, and am delighted to offer a range of bespoke, small batch products which i really believe in. carefully blended, natural remedies to nourish our female bodies during times when they may need it the most.

please take a look at the herbal care page for more information and a link to my etsy shop.



a sense of community is never more important than when you start your own family. we all need support, practical help and more importantly, friendship. i try to foster a sense of community around the nama mama hypnobirth classes, and you will be warmly invited to gatherings and social events throughout the year.

i volunteer to help provide a safe place for mothers to meet locally during their fourth trimester. we hold the mother space weekly during term time, offering mum to mum support, easy craft activities for you and of course tea and cake! please take a look at the community page for more information.

thank you for finding me, i look forward to hearing from you, emma x