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the journey to birth is a most powerful and emotional experience in a woman’s life. listening to your instincts and trusting your body to the birthing process should come naturally, but all too often we are overcome with feelings of doubt and fear.

in our modern society we have unfortunately forgotten how to nourish and empower our expecting mothers through pregnancy and birth. nama mama hypnobirthing classes will teach you skills and guide you through techniques which will enable you to to take control of your journey to motherhood, and enter into birth with confidence and excitement.

i am able to offer local group courses or individual sessions, please scroll down to the course details section to find out more information.


what is hypnobirthing?

birth, unfortunately, has been surrounded by fear for most of our lives. the images we see of birth on films and tv dramas routinely portray the birthing mother experiencing severe pain and feeling completely out of control. as we start our own birthing journey, these subtle references can begin to drive a real sense of fear or panic about our own birth. we doubt our own ability to birth our baby and wonder how we will ever cope with labour.

hypnobirth is birth!

hypnobirthing was developed in in the 1980’s by the birth pioneer, Marie Mongan, in the united states. Marie is a noted hypnotherapist and counsellor, who, after the births of her own 4 children, championed a movement toward instinctive, natural birth. Marie developed the original Mongan Method HypnoBirthing™ philosophy, to help women and their partners to explore their choices and develop the decisions-making skills necessary to achieve their own birthing goals.

what the mind dictates, the body follows.

this is at the core of the hypnobirthing philosophy. when our mind is preoccupied with fear, negative thoughts and self doubt, the body responds by creating tension and releasing hormones which can actually stop our bodies from relaxing and performing as they should during birth.

hypnobirthing empowers women, and their birthing partners, with a true knowledge of the physiological process of birth. through a very simple program of deep relaxation and fear release techniques, hypnobirthing can help you to learn to trust your body’s ability to bring your baby into the world in a calm, gentle and easy way. you will be taught simple breathing, relaxation and visualisation techniques which can be practiced throughout your pregnancy to become second nature, so that on the day of your baby’s birth, your natural instincts can be trusted to bring your baby into the world with confidence and ease.


how can hypnobirthing help me?

you may feel drawn to hypnobirthing with a sense that you want to feel in control of your own birthing journey. perhaps you have a sense of fear around your upcoming birth, or you may have experienced trauma with a previous birth and know that you do not want to repeat that experience.

hypnobirthing is for everyone, whether you have chosen to birth in a hospital, at a birthing centre, or at home. hypnobirthing will teach you the skills to enable you to achieve a gentle, calm and confident birth.


the power of relaxation is within our breath. learn the different breathing techniques which you can use through each stage of labour to birth your baby with ease.


guided hypnosis within the class will help you to acknowledge any fears you may have around birth, to let these fears go and replace them with a sense of empowerment.


learn deep relaxation techniques which can be used throughout your pregnancy to allow your body to fully relax and open. your birth partner will learn to guide you into deep levels of relaxation during birth.


you will learn about your bodies instinctive ability to progress through labour naturally and birth your baby with ease. your knowledge is your power and the key to overcome fear.


hypnobirth is birth


natural, instinctive, empowered


your birth partner can be your voice

the only role of the mother during the labour and birth of her baby is to relax and follow her body through the journey.

the birth partner, on the other hand, can be the practical help and the voice for your birth preferences. whether you have your husband, partner, mother, sister, friend or doula to be at your side during your birth, it is so important if you can take this learning journey together so that you can fully relax and let go, with the knowledge that someone has your back.

hypnobirthing is wonderful for empowering your birthing companion with knowledge and practical techniques to help you through labour. instead of your husband or partner being an onlooker and perhaps wondering what their role might be at the birth, they become an active part of the birthing process, helping you to stay calm and focused on the techniques you've been taught.  fathers and partners feel proud to have been able to take an active part of the birth of their babies.  it’s a wonderful way for them to start bonding and the benefits carry on long after birth.


nama mama @ mayflower spa

the group classes are held within the beautiful space of mayflower spa, set in a historical building in the heart of the antiques quarter in dorking.

61 west street, dorking, surrey rh4 1bs

we will have use of the relaxation area during each session, with half an hour to rest and restore in the luxury surroundings.

for further information about the venue, please click through to the mayflower spa website.


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becoming a mother

“the moment a child is born, the mother is also born. She never existed before. The woman existed, but the mother, never. A mother is something absolutely new”.

words by Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh

the above quote gives a beautiful insight into the powerful changes that motherhood brings to a woman. our vision is so often solely directed upon the birthing day, we can sometimes forget that the mother will experience huge shifts both physically and emotionally in those early days. understanding the transition through what has become to be known as the fourth trimester, the first 40 days or so after the birth of the baby, can have a huge, positive benefit to the mental health of the mother, and also her family as you navigate your way to a new way of life with your baby.

nama mama hypnobirthing classes end with a focus on the fourth trimester and the importance of taking time to reflect on your own post partum plan to ensure you have the best start. i believe this sets us apart from other antenatal classes and can make a real difference to your journey to motherhood.

i look to foster a sense of community around the nama mama classes, you will be warmly invited to gatherings and social events throughout the year.



“it has been amazing having emma support us on our journey through our seconnd pregnancy using hypnobirthing. emma’s calm, confident and reassuring approach made us feel at ease right from the beginning. we were supported in our own home which allowed us to feel completely comfortable and able to be as open & relaxed with emma as we wanted. i know i love giving birth and had a beautiful time with my first for the majority, but a few things from this birth stayed with me and led me to develop anxiety and fear about our next birth. emma’s classes have allowed me to feel more confident, capable and empowered about how our next babies birthing journey will go. emma’s fear releasing excercises helped tremendously. emma has been nothing but supportive & helpful and goes the extra mile. i am very grateful to have had emma’s support and am excited at the prospect of birthing our baby soon. thank you emma!”

k & r - jun 2019

“the whole experience went beyond our expectations. emma was a great tutor and lovely person. the course has given us many tools to empower us throughout our labour and birth. emma was excellent at projecting her knowledge throughout the course. you could see her passion for hypnobirthing and she had up to date information and could answer all questions thoroughly. emma thought about all the little touches to make us feel welcome and relaxed in a lovely environment, including lavender bean bags to help set the mode for our relaxation time and delicious snacks to keep us fuelled.”

n & g - april 2019

“i honestly didn’t really know what we would cover bar the basics, i feel we learnt a lot of techniques so can apply whichever we feel necessary on the day. it was useful for my husband to understand how he can help me & the tools he will need. i enjoyed that it was a small group of us, there was no need to feel nervous to speak up as we were amongst friends. i liked the most that it was taught without pressure. you could take from it what you wanted to. i think it was perfect.”

c & n - may 2019