hypnobirth is birth: daisy's birth

this home video shows a wonderful home waterbirth, kindly shared by the inspirational hypnobirth mother, Susy Parker, as she births her baby daughter, Daisy Belle in 2012.

i just love how relaxed and calm Susy is, and she has such wonderful support from her birthing partner, Carl. we can see him practising light touch massage techniques and talking Suzy through the hypnobirthing scripts to help her achieve and regain her sense of relaxation.

i can remember the first time i watched this video and feeling a huge sense of awe at Suzy’s strength and ability to listen to her body and her needs. this birth really shows the power of instinctive, natural birth. there is no active pushing, Suzy really tunes into her body and relaxes with the knowledge that it has been designed to work with her baby, to bring Daisy into the world calmly, gently and with ease.

i hope you’ve got your tissues at the ready because this reduces me to tears every time!

enjoy, emma x

note: i do not advocate using castor oil during labour!

Emma Randall-Milne