self care

is not selfish


nama mama herbal care

re-connecting to our lost rituals of self care

i have been drawn to the natural power of herbs and flowers as a form of self care. in tribal communities, women pass down herbal lore and ritual from generation to generation. i feel we have sadly lost this intrinsic part of our heritage, to know the healing benefits of plants and how to use them when our bodies need it the most. be it healing from birth, transitioning through menopause, or monthly menstruation, we can use specific herbs to balance and reconnect.

the notion of self care can be overwhelming, but it can be just one simple action to protect, maintain and improve our own well being and wellness.

with self care in mind, i have developed a bespoke range of natural products to be enjoyed in the comfort of your own home. herbal bath teas, yoni steam packages and yoni sitz sprays which contain only pure, dried flowers & herbs, prepared in small batches just for you.

lets reconnect to small daily practices which can really honour our female bodies.

please scroll down for product info, if you have any questions please just drop me a line.

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herbal products

i have developed a real love for natural, herbal care. i believe we can re-learn the true connections between and our bodies and the natural world and am happy to be able to offer a range of bespoke, small batch products which i really believe in and which can truly help us nourish and strengthen our female bodies, when they need it the most.

yoni steam @ home

allow the organic herbal steam to permeate and relax the exterior of your vaginal area. three herbal blends for an enriching yoni steam experience that you can enjoy within your own home. see blog for how & why to yoni steam.

bespoke organic blends available for post-partum and to connect through your cycle.

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herbal bath teas

nourishing and supporting blends of dried organic herbs to enrich your warm bath with natural healing properties. the bath teas are a wonderful way to take time out and reconnect with yourself, body and mind.

bespoke organic blends available; balancing, pre-menstrual, post partum

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herbal yoni spray

these natural, organic herbal sprays blended with witch hazel can be used directly, as and when needed. the post partum spray is a wonderful, healing blend for use after birth and aid you to take an active part in your bodies recovery. menstruum blend can be used to refresh when you need it during your menstrual cycle.

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love your yoni

yoni is the divine passage, or the source of life

the yoni is both uterus and vagina

it transcends the anatomical

it is also a temple

where the divine female essence

can be honoured

image by  merakilabbe

image by merakilabbe

what is “yoni”

yoni is a beautiful sanskrit word, meaning abode, source, womb or vagina. it defines the whole vaginal and pelvic area, including all reproductive and sexual organs.

in hinduism, the goddess Shatki is illustrated as the symbol of the yoni, which represents the eternal, cyclical process of creation and regeneration. i find it fascinating that the oldest language in the world had such insight to use this word to simultaneously describe the physical, anatomical part of the female body, whilst acknowledging our procreation and the power of the woman as the source of life.

why use yoni?

language is a powerful thing and can impact our emotional well being, in ways we may be completely unaware of. as above, the word yoni is more than anatomy. it is holistic and recognises the connections between all the external and internal organs in this area in a physical and divine way. by using the word yoni we can look to reclaim and honour our unique, female strengths.

what is a yoni steam?

this is a wonderfully simple meditation which uses a special blend of healing herbs to penetrate your yoni, imagine a personal sauna for your yoni! it can be used to re-balance and reconnect, and is potent at all stages of your monthly cycle. it is effective to support recovery after birth and is powerfully healing during menopause. beautiful, meditative mantras accompany the nama mama yoni steam blends, so you can allow your mind to absorb the healing powers of this practice, this can be an unexpected and emotional experience.

for more detailed information on how to yoni steam, please take a look at my dedicated blog post.

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product reviews

“beautifully packaged with gorgeous information leaflet included. my bath tea smells incredible and i love using it to relax & restore as part of my monthly cycle. i also love the postpartum bath tea which i share regularly with my doula clients. i couldn’t love this more! thank you for creating such special products.”

“as someone still learning about self care, particularly linked to my cycle, i found this bath tea wonderfully nuturing. the herbs came packaged with such care and all the info & encouragementi needed. preparing the herbs was easy & was like a ritual that got me in the right head space to relax. the bath itself was soothing and so relaxing. i loved it, thank you!”

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