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it takes a village to raise a child…

the transition to motherhood is different for everyone, but a sense of overwhelm, exhaustion and vulnerability are common feelings we experience as new mothers.

it is understood that in our modern, western society we are expected to do it all and the reality is, no one person can!

finding support for you as an individual, and as a family, is so important. call it your tribe, your village, your network… friends! we need each other, and it’s ok to ask for help.

i work with my wonderful friend Katherine Knapp to provide a weekly, safe space for mothers in that gorgeous, yet vulnerable fourth trimester period. we call this gathering, the mother space, it’s a group for mothers with their babies to meet, chat, enjoy some simple and nurturing craft which is so good for the soul, and of course to eat cake!

for more details, please do join our facebook group.


 keeping it local

below are some links to local support groups, relevant companies and generally lovely people in and around Dorking, who are helping to create a wonderful network of support for new mothers and families…