emma randall-milne

hypnobirth practioner

hello, I’m emma, i have lived in dorking for 15 years, and am a mum of two beautiful children, Reuben & Cora, my absolute world.

i became an accredited hypnobirthing certified practitioner in 2018, learning the mongan method with the HypnoBirthing® Institute, having been taught by samantha rose, an incredibly inspiring hypnobirthing mother of 3.


i used hypnobirth techniques through both of my birth journeys, my son was induced at 41+5 weeks, and my daughter was born at home unassisted. the tools i had learnt through hynopbirthing truly enabled me to achieve calm, relaxed and natural births for both my children and influence me daily in their upbringing.

since the birth of my son i have been very fortunate to meet some wonderful people, mostly incredible women, who have given me a sense of community and driven me to pursue my passion and change in my career. i run a weekly gathering for mothers in the fourth trimester, the mother space and help encourage parents to enjoy our wonderful countryside whilst carrying their little ones in slings, arranging sling walks with the surrey hills sling social. i had the wonderful experience of training with Lorette Michallon of Slingababy in 2017 and peer supporter training with Roamy Hunt of Born To Carry in 2016.

i enjoy art, design & architecture and have an eclectic taste in music. i love nature and photography and enjoy combining the two, my dream day would be lovely walk through the woods, following a stream to a country pub and setting base there for the night with friends!

i’m feel I’ve truly found myself in my passion for birth and the connections i’ve made within that community, i dearly hope i can help you in your birthing journey and would love to hear from you,

emma x